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The Feeling

Boy Cried Wolf Deluxe CD Album

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Release Date: 07/10/2013

Discs: 2

The Deluxe CD package includes the standard album plus an additional CD 'In The Doghouse' - containing bonus audio tracks of several late-night jam sessions recorded in the Doghouse during the creation of the new album.

The Feeling are back with their fourth album, ‘Boy Cried Wolf’ - and it’s an absolute gem of a record.

Like the band's multi-platinum 2006 debut, ‘Twelve Stops And Home’, the band recorded and produced the new album themselves. It’s a record fueled and informed by a powerful sense of liberation: from relationships, from their previous record label, and from themselves.

You can hear that freedom, that reaffirmed love, in every soaring melody, nagging hook and pin-sharp lyric of the album. 'Boy Cried Wolf' is the sound of a band reborn and renewed. Music born of heartache, these 11 new songs end up reaffirming the idea of love as a force for good.

Linen textured casebound bookpack
CD X 2

1. Blue Murder
2. Anchor
3. Rescue
4. Fall Like Rain
5. A Lost Home
6. Hides In Your Heart
7. The Gloves Are Off
8. You'll See
9. Empty Restaurant
10. When I Look Above
11. I Just Do